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Preparing our Workforce for an Uncertain Future

Placeholder ImageThe Elephant and the Mosquito

Disruptive changes are happening in the industry today. Large organizations are struggling to survive. The newer and smaller entrants into the market are making the lives of the larger organizations miserable. Big organizations are like elephants. They are mammoth in size but often slow in action Continue reading “Preparing our Workforce for an Uncertain Future”

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The Millennial Question

students-702094_1280Recently, I was a speaker in a panel discussion organized by a premier B-School. The moderator of the panel discussion asked me how my organization is dealing with the challenge of managing millennials. Pat came my response, “Do we need to manage millennials? Do we see the presence of millennials in our organizations as a challenge?” Continue reading “The Millennial Question”

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Touching Lives through Technology

businesswoman-840620_1280Innovation at Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela, held every four years in India draw millions of devotees from across the globe. While the mela has great spiritual significance, every occurrence also brings associated challenges like stampede, law and order issues, epidemics etc.Hopefully, the Kumbh Mela this year in Nasik is going to be very different. Continue reading “Touching Lives through Technology”