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Are you Addicted or Devoted?


Why we become greedy? Why is there no end to our wants?  Even if we get what we want, we want even more. Why are we never satisfied with what we have? These questions have always bother me.

Sadly, we see craving for material gain everywhere today. The desire to receive has dominated the urge to give back. In one of my previous organizations, a young executive came to me and asked me a for a promotion within 6 months of getting hired. I looked at him with surprise. He mentioned that his commitments have increased of late. He has bought a new house and a new car. I wondered how one can get into a new lifestyle without first thinking about the means to sustain and maintain that. Is this short-sightedness because of greed?

Is greed going to encompass our lives? Will everyone today get engulfed by the clutches of  greed and desire? Are we saying people today have only greed and completely lack compassion? Does everyone have this dark side only? Well, I don’t think so. The opposite of greed is generosity. At the heart of generosity is compassion. Every human being has both greed and compassion. But why often greed gets the better of compassion. In the context, Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra says, The intention to satisfy passionate selfish interest is itself greediness, and this greediness is addiction.” So it’s addiction which breeds selfish interest and greed. So how do we overcome this addiction? To overcome addiction, we don’t have to suppress it. We just need to increase our devotion. What is the difference between devotion and addiction.

“In addiction there is gratification from self-interest. In devotion there is satisfaction from interests for others.” So all of us need to bring our devotion back. Without devotion to our Living Ideal, True Master or Guru, overcoming the ill-effects of Greed is not possible. So will you find your devotion?  



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