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Relevance of the Message of Thakur Anukulchandra in the Present Age

thakurToday the humankind is passing through a critical juncture in history. It is going through an existential crisis. Problems of terrorism, fundamentalism, war between societies, global warming etc. are threatening the very existence of humanity. Man, himself is riddled with many problems in his personal, conjugal and social life. Suicide cases, divorce rates, crime rates etc. are going up by the day. Life style diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, AIDS, cancer are killing thousands of people every day. Relationships are breaking. Negative traits like animosity, violence, intolerance, mistrust, inferiority complex are making man restless. Are we not going through a crisis of human character? So what is the solution to this crisis? So when sociologists, educationists, statesmen are clueless about this problem and just groping in the dark, Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra has come as a panacea of hope. His messages have come as a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the suffocation the human race is going through.

An American devotee who visited the Satsang ashram in Deoghar asked Thakur Anukulchandra: “Could you please explain your ideology in two words?” Thakur replied, “Be Concentric.” The devotee asked, “Be Concentric around whom?” Thakur replied, “Be Concentric around your living Ideal.” The devotee asked, “What if Henry Ford is my Living Ideal.” Thakur patiently replied, “If Henry Ford is your Ideal, you will become Henry Ford but never Jesus Christ.”

The Bhagvad Gita says, there is no intelligence or becoming for one who is not attached, no peace for one who has no becoming, and no enjoyment for one who does not have peace. Perhaps in another place it says, Attachment is the technique of achievement. It is the sum and substance. We must be either concentric or eccentric. The latter invites all sorts of miseries whereas if we are concentric around the living Ideal in whom all glorious qualities bloom, we shall never commit any blunder.

If we identify the true living Ideal, love Him and follow Him, out of that love, ignoring our lower passions and weaknesses, we become blessed and we grow. If instead we only follow our own whims, ignoring Him, then we receive accordingly. According to Sri Sri Thakur the passions and complexes become the guiding force of man without an Ideal. His ego rests in passion. Such a man becomes whimsical and neither he nor anyone else can say what he might do. A man attached to an Ideal, however becomes wise, sweet, grave, and strong. Then complexes of an Ideal-centric man become servants of the Lord. He always serves the well-being of others and moves and acts according to the principles of Dharma (religion).

Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra believed that our life is a precious gift and we need to preserve, nurture and exalt it. However, he held that preserving, nurturing and exalting others in the environment is also equally important to support our own development. I will have no meaningful existence, if I don’t live in harmony with others in my environment. ‘I’ alone cannot exist, if others in the surrounding have their existence at stake. It is in my own interest; I should nurture and protect my environment. Sri Sri Thakur’s philosophy was one of man making, of inspiring people to follow the path of truth, whatever be their caste, creed or religion, so that each individual became a ‘relief centre’ in himself or herself for society.

Dharma without service to the environment cannot be meaningful in life. To be able to serve the environment, one needs to inculcate certain qualities and virtues. They are: love, compassion, selflessness, dedication, empathy, courage etc. Unfortunately, when we look around, we don’t find many people who possess these virtues today. Sri Sri Thakur says, “Somebody is torturing someone before me. I am silent; I am not even moving my finger in protest, thinking that the man is not doing any harm to me. So long as we have an unsympathetic or incompassionate feeling or attitude of indifference in us, not a single life will have safety in our society. This attitude never indicates the presence of Dharma in us. Because love for Ideal, serviceful attitude, spirit of dedication, discipline and spirit of pugnacity- all these virtues that make life happy and meaningful are the gifts of Dharma itself.”

A senior politician visited the Satsang Ashram Deoghar. He went round the premises of ashram and was highly impressed by seeing the noble activities of various institutions like Satsang Chemical Works, Satsang Publishing House, Scientific Research Center, Tapovan Vidyalaya, Anand Bazar and so on. He asked Sri Sri Thakur: Why don’t you publicize the various activities and institutions of the satsang organization in newspapers and through other mass media? Sri Sri Thakur replied: Dada, if you do anything for your family at home, do you publish that in the newspaper? What you saw in the ashram today is all part of my family. All the people living here belong to me. All activities going on here are activities of my home. Do I need publicize them?” Such was the philosophy of Sri Sri Thakur. He considered every human being as his own. Every human being who has come in the company of Sri Sri Thakur has experienced his magical love and unfathomable compassion.

Today, Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra may not be in flesh and blood with us. However, he lives on eternally in the hearts, minds and spirits of his ever growing millions of followers worldwide who feel his soothing, loving, fulfilling touch in their lives and who through their concentric love for Sri Sri Thakur, continue to move towards eternal ‘being and becoming’ along with their family, society and environment.

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